Object-Oriented Programming Design & Java, Liaocheng University


Mostly written in java, the application model is based on the book "Chinois - vocabulaire thématique - Collection Le mot et l'idée" written by Agnès Auger.

The principal class is the "Idea" class. An idea object can have a chinese translation, a french translation, an english translation...
In the book, we have Categories, Sub-categories. Each sub-category is divised in parts (1,2,3...). Each part correponds a sentence or sentences represented by the Context class in the model. The Vocabulary class represents the collection of words used in the sentences. Each category has a collection of expressions(collection of "ideas") about the category idea. At the bottom there is a page of the book, the title is the "idea" of the category. This category has some subcategories like: the consctruction, inside and outside. When a sub-category has no "idea" we put the same as the category.

For an "idea" we can display which language we need. Notice that for an "idea" we can have no translation available for a certain language.

All vocabulary and sentences are stored using this model. Here the XML file corresponding to an instance of the model:

When we search a specific word, the program will search inside the vocabulary objects. We get the results as a new instance of the model with only the categories corresponding to the research.

Here is the applet version.